Frequently Asked Questions About Building Your Own Home

Welcome to Slaske Building Company, showcasing design innovation and creativity, unparalleled quality, expert craftsmanship and exquisite details, all of which are synonymous with the Slaske brand. As a family-owned company, it is our belief that we build more than just a home, we build a place where families will grow and create memories. That is why we hold ourselves to such a high construction standard, far exceeding industry standards, so our home buyers can live in their home worry-free.

As president and owner, Ralph Slaske is passionate about the quality and integrity of every home while providing an unmatched experience for each client. Ralph is one of the only certified graduate master builders (GMB) in the area, and his continued commitment to homebuilding excellent and customer satisfaction has helped him earn recognition from peers in the home building industry.

Slaske Homes are built across Northwest Ohio region and can be built on your lot or in a pre-existing neighborhood. Slaske has been invited to build homes in several of Toledo’s premier communities, including The Sancturary, Riverford, Hull Prairie Farms and River Bend in Perrysburg, Crimson Hollow in Monclova, and Deer Hollow, Timber Ridge and Middleton Trace in Bowling Green. We have also completed custom home projects in Whitehouse, Sylvania and Oregon, Ohio, and will work with home buyers to find the best location for their dream home.

We love designing and building new homes custom to your family’s needs and price range. Slaske Building Company has new floorplans already designed, which have the ability to be modified and customized to your tastes easily.

The best wat to begin the process is to tour our beautifully decorated model home and find inspiration by checking out the latest trends, features, ideas and colors. Next, we invite you to sit down with our sales team for a discovery session to explore your nearly limitless options. From there, we will begin to compile ideas and concepts, and provide you with a final price out based on your initial impressions.

Price varies from project to project, but most of our home buyers are surprised to find out that a custom built home is fairly comparable to the cost of traditional production-style new construction homes.

Many customers initially ask about the price per square foot, however this is a complex and not always foolproof way to compare costs. The price per square foot oversimplifies what determines the true market value of your home, primarily location and features. Each home is unique, and price per square foot is an oversimplification that takes away from a true understanding of the best features and customization that makes your home yours

A minimum of $500 design deposit is all that is required for our designers to put your dream on paper.

Depending on the neighborhood, a $1,000 deposit may be required to reserve your home site for 30 days.

All deposits are non-refundable, and held in earnest money account which will go towards the final price of your home.

Slaske Building Company has a relationship with several top lenders that offer easy loan programs for prospective homebuyers in the Toledo Area. Most homeowners find a construction loan surprisingly simple, with low money down, competitive interest rates and one time close (a land contract plus construction agreement). A quick 5-minute application can get this process started for you.

The notorious question for all builders! The build process takes approximately 6 months, but factors outside of the building company’s control can significantly affect this timeframe.

The amount of pre-planning required, the size of the home, the number of custom details and change orders during the building process, and the type of home site and land improvements required can all have an impact on the timeframe of project completion. In addition, waiting on the financial institution of the municipality permits can also cause unforeseen delays, but know that Slaske has the experience and understanding to take care of all of these essential details on your behalf.

Ohio taxes are calculated by taking the market or appraised value of the home x35% to find the assessed value. This is then multiplied but the tax rate (millage) and divided by 1,000.

For example, a $400,000 home in Perrysburg would have annual taxes of $7,896, or $658 a month.

400000 x.35 = 140000

140000 x 56.4 (current millage)/1000 = 7896